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Our mission – To give comparison of ticket prices from online sellers for concerts, sports, theatre, comedy, festivals.

So How do yo use cookies?

When you or anyone else buy a ticket from our sellers, we earn a small commission from the brands we work with. To do this we place a cookie onto your computer when you visit a retailer from our website, if you then go on to buy something, the cookie identifies you as having come from our site and we earn our commission.

How to delete and block our cookies

If you want to delete or block our cookies you can do so using your browser’s settings. If you would like detailed instructions as to how to do this we recommend you take a look at the guides at

Affiliate Links and Cookies

When you visit one of the online ticket seller from our website the chances are you’ll do so using an affiliate link. These links, along with the cookies they set, ensure that we earn our commission when you purchase from the ticket seller and in turn ensure the continual operation of our website.


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